Uload Trailers offers various dumpster rentals to remove junk and debris from residential and commercial properties in Austin and San Antonio, USA. ъThe company needed a website to advertise its business online that’s why they hired Semalt’s team to built it. The website was supposed to attract more clients and raise public awareness of Uload Trailers’ services.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Fresh Change for Dumpster Rental Services
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Project Description

We have analyzed our client’s business industry and needs to develop an effective concept for the Uload Trailers’ website which would give more credibility to the company and widen its target market. Our aim was to clearly present the company’s services and benefits as well as the areas where it operates. For this reason, we have placed the key information on the homepage using various web design elements. To receive consistent information and improve customer service, we have also created contact and booking forms. Our copywriters have written a unique content to create brand awareness and build customers’ trust and loyalty.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We have chose the Uload Trailers’ corporate colors: black and orange. The content is delivered on light grey and white backgrounds to make it easy to read. Call-to-action buttons have dark orange color which makes them stand out against the background colors.

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Design highlights

Our team has designed rectangular CTAs in corporate colors that evoke associations with trailers, thus highlight the type of business the company has.

The website contains bright “flat” illustrations with city landscapes and branded trailers (some of them indicate a trailer’s size).

Urbanistic fat line icons in graphite color were created to show the steps that need to be taken when ordering Uload services.

Banners in the shape of a trailer with wheels were created to attract users’ attention to CTA buttons.

Our team’s efforts resulted in the development of an eye-catching and responsive website that has all the necessary attributes for attracting customers to Uload Trailers. The website has fast-loading pages, easy-to-navigate menu and unique content. An intuitive design allows site users to quickly find the necessary information and place an order. The company’s online presence increased customer flow and loyalty.