Website Maintenance


Have you put all-out efforts into making your website engaging for users and well-optimized for search engines, but maintaining its reputation is not something you want to deal with?

Semalt is here to do that for you! To facilitate your routine tasks, we offer website maintenance services, which will make sure your site is always kept up to date. We’ve helped our clients generate over 2,500,000 qualified leads so far by taking care of their websites.

And we now set our sights on making another impressive contribution to your business!

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Always Secure and Updated. Cancellation Is Available Anytime

A monthly plan involves the following services. Semalt will:

  • Update WordPress to the latest version (once a month)
  • Update WordPress plugins (once a month)
  • Backup your website database and files (once a month)
  • Perform SPAM & revision clean-ups
  • Run security and performance scans
  • Carry out regular site health checks
  • Monitor website performance and uptime systematically to be aware of any potential issues
  • Provide ongoing email support

Please note that each plan involves a particular number of additional working hours on the website. You can see the list of additional works in the following table Types of Works. What We Are Doing

2 hours plan

Price: $125
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4 hours plan

Price: $185
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8 hours plan

Price: $295
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If you want to use our services for a more extended period, this will cost you $35 per hour. See our rates below

Website Maintenance Hourly Rates

If a monthly maintenance plan is not going to work for your case, you may want to consider switching to an hourly one.

Be sure to have a look at the details below to find out whether or not it will be the right option for you.

Our rate is $35 per hour.
Minimum order amount is 50$

You tell us your project needs

We set a fixed price (one-time payment)

What is more, you can opt for a discounted hourly package. See the prices in the table below.

Website Maintenance Hourly Packages
Number of hours
Regular Price
Over 12
Individual price

Types of Works. What We Are Doing

Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, other analytics and marketing tools installation

3rd party services integration (CRM, API, etc.)

Page speed optimization
*Some or all pages of the website

Modification of existing pages
(HTML, CSS, JS fixes and improvements)

Mobile-friendly (adaptive) design
*Some or all pages of the website

Creating new pages on your site

Integration of a payment gateway

Adding new language versions on your website

Installation, configuration, modification, and development of new WordPress plugins

All other types of works



Other CMS or
custom website






We need access to your CMS dashboard
(or FTP if no CMS is used) and the statement of work to estimate your project.

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