is a Columbian website that offers vapes, e-liquids, and vape accessories for sale to local customers. The client wanted Semalt team to redesign the website and fill it with relative SEO content.
Project information
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  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Color scheme, fonts, and icons
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Project Description

Dark shades dominate the color palette of the website with the main accent on deep blue tones. We have used orange and light green to highlight certain elements of the page. They create a great contrast with dark shades, attracting the users’ attention to important information. As for fonts, we have used Montserrat Bold and Regular. They fit the theme of the website perfectly and are visible on any background.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Montserrat bold
Design highlights

We have created an interactive media switcher for the contacts and social media pages. It is very eye-catching and immediately grabs the attention, making it impossible to scroll by without playing the video.

Product cards are very informative and have a redirect button which leads to the product page as well as “Add to cart” and “Add to wishlist” and “Quick view” options.

Creating the website design, we have used two types of icons. One of them is bright and eye-catching to dilute the overall monochromatic style. The other one complements it and, at the same time, adds a pop of color.

Also, we have used small illustrations as a visual guide to vape components. They are meant to give users a more detailed look at the company products.

After the total redesign, the new version of not only looks completely different, but it now reflects all the modern trends in design and website optimization. The new website has a user-friendly menu and a responsive design. We have also fixed errors and improved the performance of the website. What is more, our team has managed to make the user experience as pleasant as possible by adding blocks with product descriptions and all sorts of tips. All of the above leads to the conclusion that the redesign has significantly improved the website appearance, making it more informative and noticeably increasing its conversion rate.