is a service allowing to receive immediate loans. Its owner employed Semalt team because the web resource was in need of a more contemporary design. The original layout didn’t offer much appeal to the target audience and could not compete with other sites belonging to the same niche.
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  • Web Design

Remarkable look for a high-class service
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Project Description

The main priority for was a modern and attractive design, which could drive more traffic and increase the conversion rate. After discussing everything with the customer and running a niche analysis, we came to the conclusion that the perfect online portal of loan provider should have creative, yet formal design; be brief, yet informative.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We preserved the original color scheme of the website and incorporated it into the new layout. Additionally, we changed the font to a larger one to improve readability and adjust the look of the content to the new design.

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Design highlights

Our team kept the original website logo and upgraded it making it interactive. Now the logo zooms in and out automatically as users scroll any page up and down.

We combined bright visuals to make the content delivery more memorable and vivid to the users. Our team also developed the icons for the homepage to illustrate the key assets of the service.

We also made FAQ section available on the homepage. Users can show and hide answers in a click, which makes the homepage less static.

The videos embedded in the home page graphically illustrate the services offered on the portal and provide users with the information they might need.

The new design for meets all requirements to modern web design and conforms to the vision of the client. Now the site is more efficient at introducing the services to the target audience and increasing conversion. This redesign project is a great proof that when skilled designers are at work, any subject can be presented in a smart and creative way.