Liana Khutsrauli is an American coach, hypnotherapist, blogger, and actress. is a website Semalt team has developed for Liana to properly represent her brand and convert visitors into loyal clients.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Modern Design for a Progressive Coaching Website
Project Description

Our aim was to develop a modern, user-friendly website resembling a landing page to attract visitors. We have also included a lot of banners and CTAs as well as a pop-up with a quick registration form to help potential clients easily book coaching sessions with Liana.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

To highlight various elements on a classic milky-white background, our design team has used signal blue and royal blue colors. We have also used dark slate gray for headlines and some parts of the text, and dark cyan for buttons. As for fonts, our team has chosen Roboto Bold for headlines and Regular for the main text.

Roboto bold
Design highlights

Some blog articles are designed to resemble cards on the homepage. There is one button that leads to the main article.

The suggested self-improvement program cards are designed to match the main style of the website. Bright photos which serve as a background for the text create a positive atmosphere that mirrors the coaching business goals.

Solid linear icons reflecting business topics were custom-designed for this website. The hover effect helps focus the user’s attention on them more clearly.

Colorful banners with CTAs stand out very well against the general light background of the website, attracting the users’ attention and increasing the conversion.

We have managed to develop a contemporary website that perfectly reflects the brand values of the client and helps turn visitors into loyal customers. Thanks to the responsive design, users can book a session with a coach on any device they prefer.