- is a gambling platform allowing to play online poker as well as some other games in Indonesia. Semalt team was employed to change the design of the website to make it look more attractive and user-friendly to prospective players. The client provided the content for the web pages.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Makeover for online gambling platform in Indonesia
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Project Description

Our team has performed a complete redesign of We have designed a logo, created a simple menu, structured the content, fixed all the errors, and added quality photos along with the meaningful graphic. The website has fast-loading pages, consistent layout, and logical navigation. Every component of the site works quickly and correctly. We also added the content provided by the client.The website has contrast call-to-action buttons and the links to the relevant social media accounts.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

The color palette for is clean and professional owing to the soft blues, greys, and whites. But, this palette draws attention and highlights focal elements by throwing a vibrant feature color into the mix. White background makes the content and graphics more readable and visually clearer.

Design highlights

Our designers have created a flat font logo with the polygonal element “crystal-ruby” which symbolizes wealth and luck. There is also an interesting element, the spade, which is located above the letter “i”. It gives a hint to a user about the type of services offered on the website and makes the logo aesthetically more attractive.

When designing the website, we have used Las Vegas casino themes for the banners with LED elements to create the atmosphere of winning.

The important elements were the icons containing information about the winners of each game. The icons also contain bright illustrations of the flying cards and dominos.

Game icons are placed in squares and filled with game elements is graphite and rubi colors. They represent all the games available on the betting website.

Owing to the works conducted, the new looks much more attractive now. It meets all requirements to a modern website design and serves its purpose. Semalt experts have fixed all the errors that resulted in the improved site’ visibility. The new design has also improved a user experience and made it more competitive. The site serves as an example of a corporate website.