The is the website our team has developed for Nouvelle Vie, a provider of medical spa services. The client wanted to introduce prospective customers to the range of procedures offered by Nouvelle Vie, so our task was to create an up-to-date web source that would conform to the latest search engine regulations and be capable of driving large organic traffic and generating high conversion rates.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Color scheme, fonts, and icons
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Project Description

Our team has developed a website with a unique design and content. We wanted the website to reflect the type of services offered by the client and meet the latest requirements to modern web design. For this reason, we have optimized and structured the content not to make the website look cluttered. The website has a fixed navigation menu in the header not to force viewers to scroll back up when they want to navigate the rest of the site. The header also contains the CTA button linked to the Request an Appointment form to increase the likelihood that the users will take the desired action. We have also integrated social media and map into the website. All the pages are designed in one style and contain all the necessary information to convert the viewers into customers.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We designed the color scheme in a collaboration with the client, selecting a stylish mix of white and violet to give the website of the spa services provider a sophisticated look. Our team worked on the icons and the structure of the services menu. We went for an informative and laconic layout in order to keep the site from getting cluttered with large blocks of info. The ultimate goal of our logo development was elegance and ability to reflect the purpose of the enterprise.

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Design highlights

The client created some of the content and incorporated into the structure of the site with the assistance of our team.

Our team was in charge of developing all icons for the website, including bullets used to separate the blocks of treatment descriptions.

We also created icons for the FAQ section to organize the available information.

Currently, we keep adding new pages to accommodate the content generated by the client (special offers, discounts, etc.) while preserving the integrity of the design.

Our web works have helped look up to date with the rest of competitor websites. It resulted in a steady increase in the rate of daily visitors, which now keeps progressing. As our client was fully content with the end results, he expressed the wish to collaborate with us further.The case of is a good illustration of the fact how much web design updates can affect the website success and how important it is for the client to collaborate with a professional team regularly to make timely adjustments.