MicroFue.es is a website for a cosmetic surgery clinic, which was redesigned by our team to give the prospective clients a clear image of the services the clinic provides. This project is an example of our web development and internal optimization works.
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Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Work of digital cosmetic surgeons
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Project Description

The original website of the client had a lack of UX-features, mobile-responsive design and full list of the services. As the client worked in a narrow niche and needed to attract a larger number of prospective customers, he had to offer them a site with a more comprehensive layout and full correspondence with the latest search engine regulations. Therefore, our client gave our team a task of creating a newer, improved site with original graphic elements and informative design which would be compatible with the widest range of mobile devices.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Prior to beginning our works, we performed an in-depth analysis of the cosmetic surgery niche to assess competitors and their web sources. Evaluating strong and weak sides of our project, we chose the most suitable, professional style of fonts and selected blue and white as the primary colors. This palette proved to be the most suitable option for the cosmetic surgery-themed website.

Myriad Pro bold
Design highlights

We have made line icons under the header to attract users’ attention to the important steps of getting an appointment.

We have listed available services within a short menu with stylish icons created by our designers.

Sliders in the gallery are designed in a font theme to enhance their clickability and visual appearance.

Line icons in corporate colors on a construction theme serve as infographic blocks.

It was essential for the client that the visitors interested in the services of surgeons could see their proficiency and view the images showcasing the results of their work. Also, we have developed a flexible mobile version for the website, which now makes it accessible through smartphones, tablets, and iPhones, and fixed the internal errors on the website. Right now, the client is undergoing FullSEO promotion to boost MicroFue.es to Google TOP to drive more traffic to the website and multiply success of the redesigned project.