Konnexus is a company offering inspection and fulfillment services for eCommerce business owners and Amazon merchants. The company hired Semalt to redesign their website, create new service pages, and write an optimized content. All these things needed to be done to improve business online presence and attract more prospective clients to the company.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Modern and user-friendly design for a fulfillment company
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Project Description

Our designer has developed a new style and design to improve the overall look and usability of the company’s website. The team of web developers conducted all the necessary front and back-end works and made sure that all website features, links, and forms worked properly. Our copywriters wrote optimized content for all website pages. The old content was restructured and presented in a more readable way. The blog from the old website was transferred to the new one.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We have changed the old color scheme to a blue one (ultramarine and sapphire are major colors) since it better suits the type of services the Konnexus company offers. Blue is associated with loyalty, competence, and trustworthiness. White background perfectly highlights the content and makes the layout look clean and neat. Several variations of Proxima Nova font were used to differentiate the headings from the main text. A chopped sans-serif font goes well with full-art icons.

proxima nova
Design highlights

We have used hover effects for services to attract attention with their multilayerness.

Full-art blue vector icons in round shape were designed to draw website users’ attention to the text and the neighboring icons.

We have created the buttons in one style. They have semi-transparent icons attached to them, and the shadow makes the buttons look convex.

The website contains asymmetrical image compositions. The nets in each block complement one another.

The new version of konnexus.co.uk has an eye-catching look and a user-friendly design. It also has a properly organized structure, new and optimized content as well as intuitive navigation. All these changes have improved the company’s visibility in Google and helped to attract more Internet users to its site. Now site visitors can clearly see what services the company offers and how they can benefit from them. konnexus.co.uk is the example of a corporate website with a blog integrated into it.