IPTV24x7 is a company providing online streaming of 460+ TV channels through the internet. Iptv24x7.com went through a total redesign. Our team has filled it with new content and developed an explainer video for the homepage.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

The future of television has colorful and responsive design
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Project Description

The client requested to fully rebuild and modernize the website to make it convenient for the customers who prefer to get easy online access to media content. He also wanted our team to optimize the website to promote it to Google TOP.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

The white background highlights the bright icons to instantly attract the attention of the visitors. Also, as a primary color, white brings out the video perfectly. We also chose to add some blue and green accents that represent trusted, dependable service and have a relaxing effect.

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Design highlights

Our team has designed a new modern logo for the company that ideally blends with the color scheme of the website and stands out at the same time.

Informative images were added to visually support the descriptions.

We created vector icons with rounded edges in electro to draw attention to the benefits of the product and add an aesthetic block.

Our team has also developed an animated preloader in corporate colors to symbolize the TV signal and create a relaxing distraction while the user is waiting for the page to load.

As a result of complete redesign, we have managed to turn an obsolete corporate site into a modern, user-friendly web service that runs smoothly on WordPress platform. The new website has a responsive design and an explainer video that quickly introduces the customers to opportunities and features of the service.