The website belongs to the Hacienda-Sassenberg resort located in Costa Rica. The high competitiveness of the tourism niche made it crucial to keep up with modern standards of website design and usability. Due to the obsolete condition of the site, the client tasked our team with upgrading the web source and making it up to date with the current requirements.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Giving a Five-Star Redesign
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Project Description

The original website design was missing essential UX and UI elements which were the foundation of an easy-to-navigate layout. Due to this, the site was not getting even the half of desired clients and was losing to more upgraded web sources. Our client’s main intent was to increase the competitiveness of by renovating its design. He provided 100% unique texts and high-quality photos, which were positive features for search engine optimization. However, the outdated web design was a tremendous obstacle to the success of the site. Our team launched full-scale web development works to fix the condition of the website and increase its conversion and booking rates.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Our team designed all icons and fonts for the website. We chose bright green, yellow and white colors to represent the brightness of the exotic places the resort offers tours to. Our main goal was to create the impression of a warm and sunny paradise.

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roboto regular
Design highlights

We designed a creative logo, which became the visiting card of the website.

The website contains bright “flat” illustrations with city landscapes and branded trailers (some of them indicate a trailer’s size).

Urbanistic fat line icons in graphite color were created to show the steps that need to be taken when ordering Uload services.

Banners in the shape of a trailer with wheels were created to attract users’ attention to CTA buttons.

Conclusion had such positive features as unique texts and informative photos. However, the outdated design was preventing them from driving traffic and boosting the conversion rate as they were supposed to. Our team remedied that by moving the website to a new WordPress platform, changing its design to a more interactive and intuitive one. In the result of our changes, the rate of daily visits has considerably grown, which signifies of the progress of the website and that now it can compete with similar web sources.