Goomza is an e-commerce web resource offering skincare and haircare products for sale. The previous site version had an obsolete design and was lacking in functionality necessary for massive online platforms. Our team was entrusted to perform redesign and content writing works to renew Goomza and make it compatible with the latest search engine regulations as well as the needs of the prospective buyers.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Digital Cosmetic Enhancements and Renovations
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Project Description

The client wanted a newer website with more user-friendly design and selling features. Attractive UX layout, easy and intuitive process of making a purchase, simple product categories navigation, redesign of the logo and online cart were top priorities in our task.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

The client wanted the color scheme to remain recognizable, so we preserved the colors used in the original design. We developed new icons and re-designed the logo to give it a more contemporary look. Also, we have changed the fonts on the website to make the text bigger and, thus, more readable.

Montserrat Bold
Design highlights

As Goomza is an e-commerce site, which features a wide range of products for sale, we had to conduct much work to achieve balance between an attractive design and showcasing items for sale.

Additionally, our team has improved the Contact Us page providing users with better understanding of how to contact the owner of the e-store.

Our team has developed unique icons and original headers for each product category to individualize each page and type of items offered on the website.

We have changed the shopping cart design allowing users to preview the added product before checking it out.

We have made it possible to access the online cart right on the product page instead of being redirected to the cart page, thus providing users with a wide range of choices and expanding website’s usability. Our team has also redesigned product pages and our copywriters have written unique product descriptions because the original ones had been taken from other resources, which is prohibited by Google.