is an online service allowing to compare quotes and benefits of several insurance companies offering Final Expense, Guaranteed Whole Life, and No Exam Life insurance plans in the USA. The website also contains information about the insurance carriers and various articles on relevant topics.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Useful Resource for Finding the Best Insurance Deals
Project Description

Our professionals redesigned the website and transferred all blog posts from the old version of the website to a new one. The copywriters wrote the content for main pages. Our programmers created a unique online calculator to compare quotes from various insurance providers offering similar plans. The calculator allows changing formulas and rates. All input data gets saved and can be sent to the email provided.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

For the background, we have used blue and white colors. Blue color is often used as a corporate color as it is associated with intelligence, stability, trust, and loyalty. White color gives a clear message of professionalism and prompt service. Yellow and green colors of the icons and call-to-action buttons make them stand out against the general background.

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Design highlights

The rectangular CTA buttons in corporate colors with round edges were created. When a cursor is placed on them, they get lighter, thus creating a wow effect for a site user.

Our designers have created flat illustrations in colors matching the corporate ones. The illustrations have isomeric forms and double shadows.

Thin, line 2 pixel-wide icons highlight the company’s benefits and accompany information blocks.

Thin, line 2 pixel-wide icons highlight the company’s benefits and accompany information blocks.

Our joint efforts resulted in the development of the modern, eye-catching, and functional corporate website. It has a modern design and intuitive interface. Also, we have created the calculator to compare quotes online, wrote the content, and integrated the client’s blog into the new website.