is an online platform where people can order various writing services. Our client requested the Essay Great website redesign, which would enhance its functionality and make it more attractive to visitors.
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Impeccable Writing Service with an Eye-catching Framing
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Project Description

The client ordered a full redesign of the website and ordered to write an optimized content to enhance the website’s visibility on Google. He also wanted the new design to be modern, bright, relevant, and attractive to the target audience.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

For the background, we have used blue and white color scheme.These colors are favoured by both men and women. Blue is often used as a corporate color as it is associated with intelligence, stability, trust, and loyalty. Fonts used - MavenProBold and Regular. For the icons, we have created a special emotional character whose activities can be found on every page.

mavenpro bold
Design highlights

In the design, we have used bright illustrations in a cartoon style to attract the target audience's attention to the information blocks.

A special character was designed for the icons that make interface usable and navigable. The icons are entertaining and add much to the positive user experience.

The flying triangles that
`` are randomly placed on all the pages bring parallax and airiness to the background.

On some pages, the information blocks are presented as steps that need to be taken. This technique enhances the architecture of the screen and makes the content look better structured.

With the team’ effort, we have given a new life to the website by creating a contemporary and engaging design and writing a unique content for it. The website pages have been created with a target audience in mind. The design emphasises functionality making it obvious for a visitor how to achieve his/her goal (e.g. to order an essay).