Enterprise is an international car rental company with agencies all over the world. Enterprise-martinique.com is a website of their Martinique branch
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Modern Design for Modern
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Project Description

The website plays a primary role in attracting new clients to Enterprise and making it easier for them to book car rental services online with just a few clicks. Our aim was to improve the existing corporate website by adding modern, responsive design, relevant SEO content, and useful features that would increase the website’s performance and conversion rate.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Designer elements and illustrations are created in sea green color for a better contrast. The main text and headlines are written in graphite black. Also some of the typographic elements are designed in lime green. As for the fonts, we have used Roboto Black for headlines and Regular for the main text and buttons.

Roboto black
Design highlights

Text sidebars go side by side with 3D elements. It makes the overall sharp design look more pleasant and modern.

Info icons for this service were designed individually, while taking into consideration the client’s wishes and contemporary trends in web design.

The website is decorated with a leaf ornament. It adds summer freshness and perfectly highlights the corporate colors as well as the overall style of the website.

Interesting effects on various blocks noticeably improve the website aesthetics and functionality.

As a result, our team has developed a modern website with eye-catching, responsive design, high performance, and functionality. The website reflect the Enterprise brand in the best way, and makes it easier for potential clients to find them online and book their services. Semalt team has designed an adaptive version of the website to make sure it is equally pleasant to work with on any platform.