EartoHearOnline is an e-commerce website offering a vast selection of hearing aid solutions, accessories, and services. Semalt team was requested to develop this website from scratch and fill all its pages with unique content. With the aim to create a functional and visually appealing website, we went the extra mile to improve user experience while meeting customization demands.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Magic of Design for Hearing Solutions
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Project Description

When it comes to the design of an e-commerce website, its success is determined mainly by the perfect layout, enhanced functionality, and proper optimization. These are the features our team placed special focus on. As EartoHearOnline is aimed at helping people, we have made the website easy to navigate. Besides, our copywriters wrote the content for all pages while optimizing it for proper locations.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

For EartoHearOnline, we have chosen a soft blue color palette on a white background. Such range features a calming effect on customers and stands for loyalty. The combination of blue and white creates a sense of harmony while highlighting the most significant elements of the website. To ensure better readability of texts, we have picked the Sans-Serif font with a 16 px size.

intro black
intro black
Design highlights

Call-to-action buttons are scattered all over the website pages to make users more comfortable with finding what they want.

Our team has created a usable cart page, where users can preview previously added products and calculate shipping costs.

Unique icons with descriptions of what the website offers are shown on its main page.

We have also added an interactive map to enhance navigation and enable users to find current locations of the company with ease

Owing to high professionalism, Semalt team has managed to design a successful e-commerce website from scratch. Every page of it has a clear purpose, and this significantly contributes to lead nurturing. Such features as an attractive color scheme, interactive map, and call-to-action buttons provide users with maximum comfort when looking for the best hearing solution. Also, we have written the unique content to enable EartoHearOnline to move forward.