is a web source of the private business specialized in selling and making coffins. Understanding that the niche specifics would require a meticulous professional approach the client employed our team to redesign the website and make it more marketable to the prospective target audience.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Professional work with delicate issues
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Project Description

The client wanted to modernize the design of the website to improve its usability and attractiveness. The main requirements of the client were to preserve the overall style of the project and add the contemporary elements to improve the perception of the users and the process of purchasing.

Top Pages
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Modified Image
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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We have kept the original color scheme of the website, but changed the fonts to more readable ones. Our team developed a set of icons for pages and designed headers.

Libre baskerville
open sans
Design highlights

We have changed the index page design as the previous one had numerous obsolete details and the header, which did not convey the purpose of the site.

We have turned the Coffin Shop page into a more modern one, displaying the items available for sale.

Our team has developed icons for various pages including the pages introducing partners. This allowed us to systemize the content and make it more comprehensive and attractive to the users.

We have designed all product pages, so that users could see high-quality product images, dimensions, description, and delivery options.

According to the request of the client, we kept the color scheme of the design, as well as the content of the website. Our redesign included making the layout more contemporary and usable and adding elements developed by our designer team. The current design of the website allows it to reveal the potential of its domain age by offering the clients a pleasant and highly usable layout.