Clear Dental is a website for the network of dental care clinics in Australia. It was designed to introduce available services in a comprehensive and user-friendly way. The customer employed our web developer team to create a bright web source, which would balance visual appeal and informativeness.
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  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Taking proper care of dental health
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Project Description

As the main goal of our client was to provide prospective clients with access to all the necessary information, as well as an opportunity to make an appointment on the spot, our web development team worked on implementing these ideas. We have created a unique design and functional features. Also, our copywriters wrote a SEO content to promote the website in certain regions of the country.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Our team restyled all icons on the website and changed the background color to white to add more contrast for readability. Because the fonts of the previous version were small and poorly readable, the designers also changed the size and style making the descriptions more visible. We preserved the general color scheme, adding some brightness with the help of orange color, which we used for headers on the website.

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Design highlights

The services are presented as infographics on the background with squares that have aquamarine shades.

For the home page, we have created a grid of 4 cells to place dentists’ pictures in them. When one places a cursor on a picture, a semi-transparent yellow plaque with a link icon will appear. By clicking on that icon a user will be redirected to a dentist’s profile page.

Round icons with short descriptions of the services helped us to graphically present the services offered at the dental clinic.

We inserted useful content into stylish blocks with images and icons to improve readability and engage site visitors.

The current version of is fully upgraded and suitable for driving organic traffic. The case of this project shows how making primary information accessible to the users simplifies and speeds up the process of conversion and stimulates the organic traffic generation as web users prefer sites which deliver important data instantly to the websites, which hide valuable information behind over complicated design.