is an online IPTV service offering subscriptions to a wide range of channels renovated by our team per request of the service owner. The purpose of website building was to attract prospective subscribers through the Internet, so we directed our efforts towards creating the online portal capable of fulfilling it.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Improving the image and adding the colors
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800 px
Project Description

The previous version of was lacking in features necessary for attracting the client: modern layout, unique texts, bright solutions, etc. Our Web Development, Content Writing, and Video Production departments performed a range of improvements to make the site capable of competing with the online platforms in the same niche.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We have chosen image background for the website homepage. Our team has also developed the logo and icons for to make it more appealing and presentable. Our general concept was to create a simple, clean, and attractive layout, which would provide as much information as possible within seconds.

Design highlights

We have designed a two-color high-resolution logo. A cursive preposition “of” connects two words and makes all the words look like a one whole element.

We have developed individual icons for the contact form to make it more visible and appealing to the prospective subscribers.

The site has a simple and neat menu presented in corporate colors.

The payment plans are designed in a purple color scheme. When a cursor is placed on a plan, its top changes in color and size, thus allowing a user to see more information and quickly find the necessary option. Besides, these effects have an aesthetic function.

Within our range of web design works, we have accomplished the task of making an attractive web source for the prospective subscribers by providing it with an easy-to-navigate design and an informative explainer video made by our Video Production department. Now it is advertising the services offered by our client and demonstrates impressive conversion rate as well as some users willing to purchase the offers introduced on the homepage.