Anodius - is an IT consulting company offering CRM solutions and services based on SAP and Salesforce platforms. Semalt team was hired to create a contemporary design for the old version of the company’s website to better market its services.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Improved Look for Effective CRM Solutions
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Project Description

We decided to make an interactive and engaging web design for the company offering technical solutions for businesses. This was brought to life through the designed animations and illustrations aimed at improving user experience and increase conversions. We have created an intuitive site navigation and logically organized all the content. Our copywriters have written content for some pages.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Yellow and light brown were major colors as they are often used in website design for technology industry. Some plaques have a blue background which make them stand out from icons and information blocks. White has been chosen as a main background color as it brings out the text making it more clear and readable.

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Design highlights

We have designed the plaques containing graphic elements such as rockets, planes, stars, clouds which symbolize development and growth ensured by the services offered by the company.

To present the benefits of the Salesforce platform we have designed information blocks with icons. The blocks have a hover effect. When a cursor is placed on an icon a detailed description of a relevant benefit appears.

Flat icons in corporate colors represent the advantages of Anodius solutions and services.

Our designers have created a character illustration to jazz up a minimalistic design. A moustached professor presents the basic information related to the Anodius services.

With a joint effort, we have created a brand new design for It has an easy to navigate menu, engaging and responsive design, fast-loading pages, and well-formatted content. Good usability helps to provide a seamless experience for visitors and improves Anodius chances to attract more customers.