AMPM Limo offers luxury car rental services in Canada. Semalt team was hired to redesign the website to improve its overall look, add more pages resenting new services and write an optimized content. All these works were aimed at increasing the traffic flow and improving the website’s visibility.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Luxury design for exclusive care rental services
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Project Description

Having discussed the clients needs, we have decided to stick to the old, classic style of the website but give it a more modern twist by improving its design and adding new features. We have also added new pages and filled it with an optimized content which describes the locations where the services are offered and the occasions when the luxury cars can be used. We have improved the “Get Rates” form and added call-to-action buttons for the site users’ convenience.

Top Pages
Original Image
Modified Image
Original Image
Modified Image
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We have preserved the original color scheme of the website. Light grey and black colors perfectly suit the client’s type of business. Blue color was used for call-to-action buttons to attract users’ attention. The areas with the content have a clean, white background.

roboto regular
Design highlights

We have improved the old logo and found similar sans serif fonts. By means of kerning, tracking and space, we have fixed the size of the logo which fits the form of the rectangular in corporate colors.

Car categories are displayed as cards with a blue hove effect. They are the functional elements of the site navigation.

One of the important parts of the header is the drop down list containing phone numbers with icons and blue hover effect.

The benefits of the agency are hidden in square plaques with dark images on the background. White, 4 pixel line icons with separators between H1 and H2 are placed over them.

The new design of the website has a modern look which better presents the services offered by the AMPM Limo. The site user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. It has all the necessary characteristics to increase traffic and improve the conversion rate.