Alrus is a company offering International telecommunication services by utilizing the innovative VoIP transit network. is the website our team has developed for this company.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Modern Design for Modern Telecommunication Services
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Project Description

Our team has developed a website for Alrus which has a unique design and content. The site contains all the necessary information about the company and services it provides.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

For the background of the website, we have chosen classic light grey and white colors that are often used in web design for Telecommunications industry. Bright yellow color makes the call-to-action buttons stand out against the general background. Fonts used - Montserrat Bold and Light.

Design highlights

For the home page, we have created a big font logo using the photomask technique. It helps website visitors to understand what industry the company works in and highlights uniqueness of the design.

The thin line system of icons shows dynamic connection between the icons and provides directions. The icons look as if they are wired with each other.

Wave-like animated patterns tailored into the website’s layout were created with the help of our Video Production department. They represent the services the company offers.

Unique interactive buttons draw user’s attention and encourage them to make a click.

Our team has developed a modern and engaging corporate website for Alrus. It’s design, color pattern, structure, and content reflect the services the company offers. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.