Afrikasongs is a popular online platform where everyone can listen to music and download tracks uploaded by rising African singers and bands. The resource purpose was to help African performers promote themselves and make money off their music by uploading and pricing their videos and audio tracks. We have designed and implemented all the features ordered by the client. Besides, we have created the website layout to attract the target audience. Currently, belongs to the most successful web development showcases carried out by our team.
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  • Web Design

Rhythm of Full-Scale Website Development
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Project Description

Our team has created a massive web service upgraded with a search system, music media player, and Pay Per Go video/music download feature. Besides, we integrated social media to enable visitors to share their favorite hits on the most popular social networks. Also, we added an option to log in through social media accounts to simplify and ease a user registration process.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

When designing a website color scheme, we went for a blend of black and white. This combination allowed us to create a calm and lounge-style look of the service. Also, we added orange color to brighten the layout without ruining the harmony of primary colors. As a result, we have achieved an attractive palette of black, orange and white, which many users found to be inviting and stylish.

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Design highlights

Our designers have created a flat font logo with a music note that has a flame tag symbolizing the power of music.

We have embedded a convenient music player allowing users to listen to music even when they switch from one page to another. The player has improved user experience and increased the number of downloads from the website.

The search engine on every page enables users to enter queries and get relevant search results immediately.

We have implemented the visualization feature of a playing track displaying sound amplitude in the form of the sound wave.

The result of our work was a massive, mobile-responsive online platform with a user-friendly design, option to share content on social media, easy navigation, and quick Pay Per Go payment system integrated into the website. This project has become a jewel of our portfolio. We have managed to develop it from the ground up, starting with the structure and ending with polishing the design. We always encourage our clients to share their suggestions and vision with us, so that more unique projects like could be created.