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Unique website development and marketing solutions, latest CMS technologies and everything that suits your e-commerce and business presentation goals or creative objectives.
WordPress Development
We make the most of the WordPress platform when building eye-catching and visitor-generating WordPress sites for blogging, e-commerce and business.
Custom Websites
We perform the full range of back-end and front-end works to build a personalized web project for you.
Unique mockups of websites, apps and products which would be further developed and polished by the customer personally.
Unique SEO packages to match your ranking needs, website issues removal, free consultations, competitor analysis and more SEO help here.
content writing
Writing unique original texts for introducing and representing your brand in all its glory.
Video Production
Learn about creating promos and trailers from colorful templates, customized video animations, screenwriting, voiceover, filming and editing for commercial purpose here.

How we work

Full stack process
Release 06 Analyze 01 Quote & Approve 02 Mockup 03 Create 04 Stage & Test 05


Input & Review

Input & Review

Input & Review

We analyze your business niche to define
its trends and offer you the best solution.

  • Discussing all project-related questions and clarifying all details
  • Preparing the commercial proposal with the description of all project details
  • Receiving the payment and the Client’s confirmation to start the project
  • Getting started on the Client’s project
  • Creating the layout and design for the landing pages
  • Presenting & reviewing the design
  • Getting the Client’s feedback on the website mockup
  • Revising and updating the design
  • Writing the new content
  • Building and deploying the website
  • Adding special features and interactivity
  • Optimizing the website for search engines
  • Getting the content ready for migration
  • Testing the created website
  • Presenting the website to the Client
  • Fixing bugs and errors if required
  • Uploading the website to the Client’s server/hosting
  • Conducting the final testing and launching the website
  • Fixing bugs ASAP
  • Getting customer feedback and testimonials
01 Analize

We analyze your business niche to define its trends and offer you the best solution.

02 Quote & Approve
  • Discussing all project-related questions and clarifying all details
  • Preparing the commercial proposal with the description of all project details
  • Receiving the payment and the Client’s confirmation to start the project
  • Getting started on the Client’s project
03 Mockup
  • Creating the layout and design for the landing pages
  • Presenting & reviewing the design
  • Getting the Client’s feedback on the website mockup
  • Revising and updating the design
04 Create
  • Writing the new content
  • Building and deploying the website
  • Adding special features and interactivity
  • Optimizing the website for search engines
05 Stage & Test
  • Getting the content ready for migration
  • Testing the created website
  • Presenting the website to the Client
  • Fixing bugs and errors if required
06 Release
  • Uploading the website to the Client’s server/hosting
  • Conducting the final testing and launching the website
  • Fixing bugs ASAP
  • Getting customer feedback and testimonials

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The website development cycle consists of 6 main stages and many substages. You can read more information on the left side of the block. We will be happy to guide you through this process.

Every web development project is carried out by the team of 10 members:

  1. Customer Success Manager
  2. Project Manager
  3. Website Analyst
  4. SEO Specialist
  5. Content Writer
  1. Designer
  2. Front-end Developer
  3. Back-end Developer
  4. Content Manager
  5. QA Engineer
Website development time *

Corporate website: 6-8 weeks

eCommerce/eShop website: 8-10 weeks

* It's the average development time. The time frame depends on many variables. Therefore, you need to discuss it with a manager to get more accurate information.

What to start with?

Start with submitting an online form and providing us with the basic information so that we could analyze your project. The more information we get from you, the better. It will allow us to conduct an effective analysis and come up with the most beneficial commercial proposal for you.

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Our clients

Learn the unique stories of online businesses we made worthy representatives of their niche!


Conexpros.com is a corporate website our team has developed for the company specializing in selling and delivering shipping containers across the USA. This project involved the full scale of our web design and web development techniques.


234betting.com is an Indonesian gambling platform. On the website, users who want play online, need to set up their accounts, deposit money on it and then play. The old version of the site had a simple design and it was not Google-friendly. Our client requested to make the design of the website more attractive and modern. Also, we were asked to create an optimized content in Indonesian language which would improve website online presence and attract more visitors willing to place bets in online casino and lottery.


Almagia is a company offering ELAMED products such as portable magnetic, acoustic, heating and vibration devices that help eliminate back pain.The devices are used to prevent and treat many serious diseases such as bursitis, osteochondrosis, hypertension, hemorrhoids and prostatitis. Semalt team was employed to redesign the old version of Almagia.com as it did not meet current requirements to a website design. The old version had numerous errors. It was also poorly structured and lacked in some content. Our experts had to fix that.


Alrus is a company offering International telecommunication services by utilizing the innovative VoIP transit network. Alrus-tele.com is the website our team has developed for this company.


Anodius - is an IT consulting company offering CRM solutions and services based on SAP and Salesforce platforms. Semalt team was hired to create a contemporary design for the old version of the company’s website to better market its services.


Clear Dental is a website for the network of dental care clinics in Australia. It was designed to introduce available services in a comprehensive and user-friendly way. The customer employed our web developer team to create a bright web source, which would balance visual appeal and informativeness.


EartoHearOnline is an e-commerce website offering a vast selection of hearing aid solutions, accessories, and services. Semalt team was requested to develop this website from scratch and fill all its pages with unique content. With the aim to create a functional and visually appealing website, we went the extra mile to improve user experience while meeting customization demands.


Flot.nu represents FLOT fashion store located in Roskilde, Denmark. It serves as a virtual display window aimed at attracting customers to visit the physical store. FLOT offers a wide range of high-end, quality, contemporary designs with a touch of classics.


Goomza is an e-commerce web resource offering skincare and haircare products for sale. The previous site version had an obsolete design and was lacking in functionality necessary for massive online platforms. Our team was entrusted to perform redesign and content writing works to renew Goomza and make it compatible with the latest search engine regulations as well as the needs of the prospective buyers.


Homerunimprovement.com is a website of the renovation and remodeling contractor from Louisville, USA. Our client wanted to get a modern and intuitive redesign of the website for attractive presentation of the contractor's services. A new design was expected to quickly allow its users to view the services and ask for a quote.


IBX Technologies is a leading solution provider for Internet based and desktop applications. The client’s website ibxtechnologies.com was designed to introduce prospective customers to the products of the company. However, it had severe errors within its structure and design, which made the primary goal unachievable. Our team’s task was to fix this.


IPTV24x7 is a company providing online streaming of 460+ TV channels through the internet. Iptv24x7.com went through a total redesign. Our team has filled it with new content and developed an explainer video for the homepage.


BestofIPTV.com is an online IPTV service offering subscriptions to a wide range of channels renovated by our team per request of the service owner. The purpose of website building was to attract prospective subscribers through the Internet, so we directed our efforts towards creating the online portal capable of fulfilling it.


MediGlobus is an international platform allowing to choose treatment plans in any medical specialty for each case individually. Its users can obtain the necessary information, compare and choose clinics or doctors in various places abroad. The client requested to develop a functional website and provided the necessary content for it.


MicroFue.es is a website for a cosmetic surgery clinic, which was redesigned by our team to give the prospective clients a clear image of the services the clinic provides. This project is an example of our web development and internal optimization works.


The Nouvelleviespa.net is the website our team has developed for Nouvelle Vie, a provider of medical spa services. The client wanted to introduce prospective customers to the range of procedures offered by Nouvelle Vie, so our task was to create an up-to-date web source that would conform to the latest search engine regulations and be capable of driving large organic traffic and generating high conversion rates.


Pokerintan.com - is a gambling platform allowing to play online poker as well as some other games in Indonesia. Semalt team was employed to change the design of the website to make it look more attractive and user-friendly to prospective players. The client provided the content for the web pages.


Telloans.co.il is a service allowing to receive immediate loans. Its owner employed Semalt team because the web resource was in need of a more contemporary design. The original layout didn’t offer much appeal to the target audience and could not compete with other sites belonging to the same niche.


Bigos is a pub located in Kyiv, Ukraine. It’s a one-of-a-kind pub open to the residents and visitors of the capital that favor frothy beer and Ukrainian food. The pub is named after the traditional Polish dish that Ukrainian Galicia has managed to snitch and even improve. Semalt was employed to develop a website for the Bigos. Our client wanted its design and content to reflect classic Galician style and atmosphere created in the pub.


Our client is an independent distributor if IT WORKS products. Our team has created a landing page and content for body wrap applicators manufactured by IT WORKS.


Bostonroskilde.dk represents the Boston store selling men’s clothes in Roskilde. Our client, the owner of the store, wanted to redesign his old website. He also emphasized on preserving the recognizable style of the brand.


Mybabybris.com, formerly known as traditionaljewishceremonies.com, is a website offering traditional Jewish Bris Milah (circumcision services) in New York, USA. Prior to the client employing the assistance of Semalt, the old version of the website was experiencing such issues as not meeting the latest search engine standards, lacking in unique content, having an obsolete design, which did not look visually appealing compared to the competitor websites. Our team had to fix those issues.


FreeGuruHelpline.com is an online resource aimed at assisting students, parents and teachers in preparation for various competitive exams by offering free content for different subjects. The client requested to redesign the old website in order to fix all errors, create a better user experience, optimize its content, and make it look more appealing and modern.


Chambers du Lion90 is a countryside hotel in Belfort (France). It’s a nice facility, perfect for weekend getaways and vacations. To attract more guests and build online presence, our company was requested to develop a website for Chambers du Lion90.


Comparethecoffin.com is a web source of the private business specialized in selling and making coffins. Understanding that the niche specifics would require a meticulous professional approach the client employed our team to redesign the website and make it more marketable to the prospective target audience.


Roleti.ua is a corporate website developed for a window roller shutter manufacturer from Ukraine. Before we upgraded it, the site had poor performance and low conversion rate. The owner wanted to transform his old business page into a new, presentable website conforming to the needs of modern users.


Datadoctor.org.uk is the website we have redesigned for the Data Doctor company which provides data recovery services in the UK. Understanding that the website needs to be upgraded to comply with current design requirements and trends, the client employed our team to redesign the website and make it more attractive to prospective clients.


Essaygreat.com is an online platform where people can order various writing services. Our client requested the Essay Great website redesign, which would enhance its functionality and make it more attractive to visitors.


The hacienda-sassenberg.com website belongs to the Hacienda-Sassenberg resort located in Costa Rica. The high competitiveness of the tourism niche made it crucial to keep up with modern standards of website design and usability. Due to the obsolete condition of the site, the client tasked our team with upgrading the web source and making it up to date with the current requirements.


Shopfatech.com is an online store offering desktops, laptops, software and other related products for sale. The client wanted to improve the website’s visibility and increase sales conversion rate by redesigning and restructuring his website. Aslo, to make it more SEO-friendly, the site needed an optimized content.


Capital Retention is a company offering hybrid long-term care insurance solutions all over the USA. Our team was hired to redesign the old version of its corporate website, add more pages and fill them with a relevant optimized content. This was supposed to help generate more traffic and improve the website’s visibility.


Uload Trailers offers various dumpster rentals to remove junk and debris from residential and commercial properties in Austin and San Antonio, USA. ъThe company needed a website to advertise its business online that’s why they hired Semalt’s team to built it. The website was supposed to attract more clients and raise public awareness of Uload Trailers’ services.


AMPM Limo offers luxury car rental services in Canada. Semalt team was hired to redesign the website to improve its overall look, add more pages resenting new services and write an optimized content. All these works were aimed at increasing the traffic flow and improving the website’s visibility.


Finalexpenserate.com is an online service allowing to compare quotes and benefits of several insurance companies offering Final Expense, Guaranteed Whole Life, and No Exam Life insurance plans in the USA. The website also contains information about the insurance carriers and various articles on relevant topics.


MPEX Business Solutions is a Canadian developer of management software solutions for businesses. They are aimed at helping with time tracking, human resources, employee scheduling, payroll management and other business needs. Our team was hired to redesign the company’s website to improve its conversion rate, accessibility, and user experience.


Myrialands Property specializes in property sales and leasing in Australia. Semalt team was hired to develop a website to market its services and specialists. Also, the client wanted to display the properties available for sale and rent through the website.


The Brand Guy is the website that we have redesigned for one of our clients who is a brand specialist and speaker from Australia. Originally it was a standard blog, which we decided to turn into a modern, stylish, and attractive to visitors website.


FullActivators is the web resource providing information about various software and plugins. Based on the type of service the client wanted to provide, we decided to create a simple, blog style website.


Sultan is an e-commerce company committed to offering authentic gelatine-free Turkish delights to customers from UK, US, and EU. Our team was asked to completely redesign the website and develop a modernized presentation of Sultan's sweets. The aim was to put a sharper focus on company's products while providing customers with a favorable impression.


Supreme Kitchens is a kitchen and bathroom design and product company offering custom solutions in Iowa, USA. Semalt team was employed to redesign the website for the company, fill it with a unique content, and fix all errors. A modern website with a branded look is a good way to create a user-friendly environment for prospective customers and encourage them to return. For this reason, our team worked hard to reach this goal.


Afrikasongs is a popular online platform where everyone can listen to music and download tracks uploaded by rising African singers and bands. The resource purpose was to help African performers promote themselves and make money off their music by uploading and pricing their videos and audio tracks. We have designed and implemented all the features ordered by the client. Besides, we have created the website layout to attract the target audience. Currently, afrikasongs.com belongs to the most successful web development showcases carried out by our team.


GALA Multi Events is an agency organizing events like wedding receptions, corporate parties, birthdays and homecomings at an open-air venue located in one of the Greek villages. To better present its business online, the agency hired Semalt to redesign its website and fix all the errors standing in the way of increasing public awareness of the services offered.


Gethappee.com is a website developed by Semalt for a distributor of Bode-Pro products in the UK. The client’s goal was to attract more web users who would buy Bode-Pro products through him. For this reason, he hired our experts to build an appealing website to market the products he was offering.


Finca-daniel.com is a website for Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo located in Costa Rica. This is one of our biggest and most time-consuming web development projects, which was designed from scratch as the client wanted a new, improved website with some functionality features.


Lucasorchard.com is a website containing our client’s blog posts on various Financial and Economic topics. Our client is a Harvard graduate specialized in applied Math. He also has experience of work in trading, sales, and technology.


Ihaulaustin.com is a website of the company providing garbage and junk removal services. To boost awareness of his business, the client created a website, which would explain the goals and the benefits of the enterprise. However, since the site has not been adjusted to the latest user needs and search engine regulations since 2013, the conversion rate remained low and declining. Our team was hired to fix this.


Fast Cheetahs is a website we have developed for a printing business in Singapore. The main goal was to create a modern, user-friendly, optimized website that would attract more visitors and bring sales.


Konnexus is a company offering inspection and fulfillment services for eCommerce business owners and Amazon merchants. The company hired Semalt to redesign their website, create new service pages, and write an optimized content. All these things needed to be done to improve business online presence and attract more prospective clients to the company.


The Wings is a website we have developed for a leather goods manufacturer and retailer from Ukraine. The main goal of the project was to create a modern e-commerce website that would combine a fashion-forward design and high performance.


Govcloudnetwork.com is another website that has been professionally redesigned by the Semalt team. Since its specialization is cloud computing training and business consulting, we’ve done our utmost to highlight all its educational benefits with a new, contemporary design.


Iuventus is a business website we have developed for a medical center located in Las Vegas, USA. The client’s initial request was to turn their corporate site into a modern business online brochure to give their patients a possibility to book appointments and order services online.


Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd. is committed to processing titanium as well as other metals and offering top-quality products globally. Their manufacturing facility is based in Baoji City – “Titanium Valley of China”. SST has been serving domestic and foreign markets since 2000 providing them with titanium bolts, screws, nuts, flanges, precision parts, and other fasteners according to national and international specifications. Semalt team was employed to redesign the old version of titan-bolts.com website as it did not meet the current requirements to a website design. The old version had numerous errors. It was also poorly structured and lacked some content. Our experts had to fix that.


Wholesale Bar Stool Club is an online restaurant furniture business that has chosen Semalt for its web design and development needs. Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve managed to do for this project.


Enterprise is an international car rental company with agencies all over the world. Enterprise-martinique.com is a website of their Martinique branch


Liana Khutsrauli is an American coach, hypnotherapist, blogger, and actress. Starthappylife.com is a website Semalt team has developed for Liana to properly represent her brand and convert visitors into loyal clients.


ArtZvit is an innovative platform aimed at helping both businesses and individuals in Ukraine with financial, tax, and other types of accounting. The Semalt team has been entrusted with redesigning art-zvit.com.ua to make this website easy-to-use and responsive. Working side by side with the client, we’ve decided to add simplicity to the website’s features with the help of well-thought-out structure and flexible grids. Also, we’ve put a premium on attention-grabbing CTA buttons, easy-to-read fonts, and bright, albeit tranquil hues for the color scheme.


Tiendavap.com is a Columbian website that offers vapes, e-liquids, and vape accessories for sale to local customers. The client wanted Semalt team to redesign the website and fill it with relative SEO content.

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To develop and bring our clients’ online businesses to a new level, thereby increasing their revenue and making them happy.

Core values of the Semalt company

  1. Clients’ success is the driving force of our company
  2. Respect and care about all clients
  3. Quality without compromise
  4. High-tech and innovative approach
  1. Teamwork
  2. Pursuit of learning and development
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Facts about Semalt
5 years
Over 5 years of experience in delivering effective solutions
100 websites
More than 100 websites developed
110 professionals
Over 110 professionals on the team
7 awards
Interaction and Adobe XD Awards from Behance and "Ukrainian Design: the Very Best of" Award
500 websites k+
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Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2018

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  • Integration of a payment gateway
  • Other 3rd party integrations (CRM, API, etc.)
  • Content migration from a current website
  • Extra components (additional functionality)
Website development time *

Corporate website: 6-8 weeks

eCommerce/eShop website: 8-10 weeks

* It's the average development time. The time frame depends on many variables. Therefore, you need to discuss it with a manager to get more accurate information.

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We use a fixed pricing model

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What you get

Internal SEO and URL
structure optimization
Modern custom
Mobile-friendly website
Page speed
Creation and transfer
of a content
Migration to new CMS
(WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify)
Installation of a new website
to your server/hosting
Fixed price for
your project
Assistance from your
project manager

Website development warranty

Semalt provides a 30-day website maintenance warranty for the product it offers. The warranty covers fixing all errors and omissions made by Semalt staff within 30 days after the website goes live.
If properly submitted online, by phone or email, Semalt guarantees to respond to all client’s requests for support assistance as soon as possible.
Semalt undertakes to create a staging website (a clone of a client’s live site) on its servers to develop a new website version. The company refrains from updating a client’s live site to avoid breaking it.
Semalt undertakes to create a backup of a client’s website prior to redesigning it and store it on its hosting. The company will also store a copy of it on one of its servers so that the client could restore it if needed.
Semalt is not responsible for any errors or damages caused by customers / 3rd party applications / other developers.
A client is protected by the Semalt Refund Policy.

Video testimonial. First-hand experience

Semalt designers blew me away! All I had to do is show them some colors and a couple of websites that I liked, and they created a masterpiece! These guys are top-notch specialists who have extremely affordable prices. Not only do I recommend them to all my clients now but I also recommend them to each and every business owner out there who want their websites to convert and bring money.

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It's really amazing what is happening just in few months... We have doubled our traffic on our website... Now we're getting more leads. We're getting more phone calls. Semalt is superior web developer and an excellent SEO technology company...

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We’ve got very good support from the SEO team of Semalt. They provided us information about how our website can be presented to people.They are actually with us supporting us 24/7 whenever we need information. In each and every step we take instructions from them. I am really happy to have chosen Semalt. This is something which means a lot to me. These guys have done a great job.

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I found Semalt. They promised results. And you know what? - They got them. Within a matter of days, Bonomotion, video.miami, and marine video production were ranking for the top keywords I was after and I’ve stayed there at the top.

Our good friend had a positive experience working with Semalt, so he immediately recommended them to us. We have shared our vision with Semalt specialists, and they have contributed their own ideas. What we received in the end is a user-friendly and functional website that both us and our customers enjoy to use. The Wings recommends Semalt to everyone as a reliable and trustworthy partner!

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Semalt company provides our customers with the outstanding web development and further search engine optimization. If you are interested in the improvement of your online business, click semalt.com and chose the needed SEO products.

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I am engaged Semalt a few month ago to building my website. It is really good process. Very responsive. It's optimized for SEO. I am going up the ranking. I'm pretty excited about what's coming up. Thanks guys for great effort!

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Real Human Customer Service. I have been dealing with Semalt for more than a year and the big difference with them is th

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Excellent support! The bottom line through is Semalt requested no more than the resources necessary to make the site via

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The task was to make a new website for my business, my previous site was little bit messy. I really didn't have time to

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I can highly recommend this company for web development.