Supreme Kitchens is a kitchen and bathroom design and product company offering custom solutions in Iowa, USA. Semalt team was employed to redesign the website for the company, fill it with a unique content, and fix all errors. A modern website with a branded look is a good way to create a user-friendly environment for prospective customers and encourage them to return. For this reason, our team worked hard to reach this goal.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Unique and Modern Design for  Supreme Services
1400 px
400 px
Project Description

Having analyzed our client’s business, we decided to make the website dynamic and interactive, and some neat animations were created to highlight it. We borrowed the design elements from the 60s and combined them with the sophisticated shapes and vintage illustrations. Our copywriters wrote the content and optimized it for the location where the company operates.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

For this website, we have chosen a coral color scheme to match its overall style. Dark grey and white backgrounds help the text to stand out. Sketch-like illustrations and the decorative font (Satisfy Script) are a vital part of the website redesign.

satisfy font
open sans
Design highlights

Some graphic illustrations made with pencil were adjusted for the web format and together with them we have created plaques for users to choose the service they need.

You can also come across the icons that imitate marker drawing. They communicate the overall website stye and carry virtual information.

Icons drawn in red show the order of the order procedure.

Various kinds of call-to-action buttons have been created: buttons with inverted hover color effect, handwritten buttons that change their size when a cursor is placed on them. Under some illustrations the lettering elements were used on the banners.

Our team’s work has resulted in the development of the Supreme Kitchens’ corporate website which has a responsive and eye-catching design as well as all the necessary functionality. Its look and content clearly reflect the services the company offers. The site also meets current website design requirements.