is an online store offering desktops, laptops, software and other related products for sale. The client wanted to improve the website’s visibility and increase sales conversion rate by redesigning and restructuring his website. Aslo, to make it more SEO-friendly, the site needed an optimized content.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Improved user experience through a complete makeover
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Project Description

Having discussed the project with our client, we decided to design a website with an intuitive interface and all the necessary content which would allow visitors to easily make a purchase. Right on the homepage users can see all the product categories, CTA buttons allowing them to place an order, featured products, a search engine, shipping and contact information. The website contains high-quality images of the items for sale as well as their detailed descriptions.

Top Pages
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Modified Image
Original Image
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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We have used dark blue color scheme for the website as it matches the industry the store products belong to. Deep orange was used for CTA buttons, some frames, and hyperlinks. White and light blue are used as background colors to highlight the content.

lato bold
Design highlights

We wanted to make this online store more branded that’s why we have created numerous illustrations and gradient line art vector drawings that stand out against the electric background.

There were created information blocks with relevant icons that match the website style. The blocks are placed in chess-board order.

Besides the main banner, we have also created three spaces for advertising selected products. The contain a CTA border button with a reverse hover effect, price, and a short product description.

The are several types of product cards on the website. One of them has an original square button with a cart on a blue background, a wish list button, and price tag highlighted with an orange rectangular.

Conclusion is an example of eCommerce designs Semalt can create. This type of web design makes the journey to the checkout as easy and quick as possible because it has an attractive design, convenient navigation, clear product images and all the necessary information. Also, the optimized content our copywriters wrote for the home page and category pages communicates the value and benefits of the Fateka which help customers make decisions.