Myrialands Property specializes in property sales and leasing in Australia. Semalt team was hired to develop a website to market its services and specialists. Also, the client wanted to display the properties available for sale and rent through the website.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Stunning Presentation of Exceptional Properties
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Project Description

We wanted the website to have the same characteristics as a good property has: convenient, good-looking, and functional. Our team analyzed our client’s business and developed a website design and architecture concept. has a simple top navigation menu and a neat design allowing users to understand the site’s purpose within the first seconds and see what it has to offer. Besides, our copywriters wrote the content for the website to promote the services and properties offered by the agency.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

The main color scheme of the website is blue. It symbolizes freedom, change and inspiration. White and light blue were used for the background of the pages. Orange color was chosen for call-to-actions buttons and other information that had to be highlighted.

proxima nova bold
Design highlights

The services of the agency are presented in semi-transparent blocks with bright CTA buttons and signature line art graphics which highlights the whole range of services related real estate.

Each service offered by the agency has a banner with an image of a nice interior or exterior. The first level heading on the banner has a vertical orange line on the left.

Hover effects and icons of the menu simplify users’ perception of the content presented on the website.

Real estate descriptions are designed in flat style blocks with a hover effect allowing to see image details. The icons attached reflect action options, price, and geolocation. At the bottom, there is a CTA button designed in the website’s color scheme.

We have built a corporate website for the Myrialands Property that has all the necessary features for drawing more prospects to the agency. Among them are a responsive and engaging design, simple and clear menu, well-structured content, and extensive property descriptions. The agency has acquired online presence with the website that clearly communicates its purpose and the value of the services offered through it.