Iuventus is a business website we have developed for a medical center located in Las Vegas, USA. The client’s initial request was to turn their corporate site into a modern business online brochure to give their patients a possibility to book appointments and order services online.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Personalized design for successful branding
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Project Description

Iuventus is a medical center that helps patients to get back to healthy and happy life. Modern users prefer to take care of everything online which is why our main priority was to not only list the services and special offers on the website but also add an option to book appointments and pay for certain treatments online.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

To create design accents, we have used various shades of blue, azure, gamboge, and gray chrome colors. Also, we have created vector isometric icons that are placed in an oval that is typical for a medical theme. All elements have a flat style and their color range is material. Photo images are placed in a hovering slider. This creates a multilayered effect of the block. The illustrated rectangular tie-in banners add a certain rhythm to a page and serve as an additional element that advertising medical services. As for the typography, our design team has used Proxima Nova and Montserrat for the headings and text content.

Design highlights

In order to highlight the uniqueness of the benefits and attract the users’ attention, we have designed square frames with ellipses containing light art, medically themed icons.

The written material is laid out as a stack of papers to create a multilayered effect and give a sense of lightness to the overall design.


Enjoy a personalized approach, advanced treatment options, and extensive medical expertise of our specialists to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Our design team has created rectangular banners with CTAs and flat illustrations in corporate colors and isometric projection as a mini storytelling about Iuventus medical services.

We have designed and color-coordinated isometric flat icons to accompany big volumes of content and highlight the buttons for a stylistic effect.

We have collaborated creatively with the client to give Iuventus a new brand representation. As a result, our team has developed a modern, functional website with an eye-catching and responsive design. We have also created unique, relevant, SEO-optimized content to give the website a traffic boost and attract more visitors. Iuventusmedcenter.com is a perfect example of a highly functional business website aimed at converting visitors into patients.