IBX Technologies is a leading solution provider for Internet based and desktop applications. The client’s website ibxtechnologies.com was designed to introduce prospective customers to the products of the company. However, it had severe errors within its structure and design, which made the primary goal unachievable. Our team’s task was to fix this.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Ultimate Design for Effective Technical Solutions
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Project Description

Due to complex errors, the website was unable to function and be of service to users. The design was missing, the layout was impossible to navigate through, and the font setting was absent, creating unfavorable complications, which were reducing the usability and the chances of the website to be acknowledged trustworthy by search engines. The site required in-depth error fixing, full-scale optimization, and redesign of all pages. Also, several blocks and pages were not informative enough for the users. The following works were a result of joined effort of our web developer team, programmers, and content writers.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

For the website, we have chosen light blue color palette to suit the type of services provided by the company. White and light grey backgrounds were applied for the areas with the text to make it stand out. High-contrast call-to-action buttons are aimed at providing great visibility and conversions.

droid Sans
Design highlights

The website was designed as a full-size screen, and since it has many pages, we have decided to use up/down, right/left navigation and the “burger” menu which disappears when it’s necessary. This gives users freedom of actions.

The categories with their descriptions are placed in the boxes with a hover effect. The text does not distract from the key elements and, at the same time, provides the necessary information.

The internal pages contain flat line icons. Some of them are places in the triangle boxes that highlight the uniqueness of the website. Other icons in either circle or rectangular shapes are animated.

The blocks of some components hide the text with the help of a flip effect ensuring more interactivity with the website.

After all our web development works on for ibxtechnologies.com were complete, all errors and performance issues of the website have been dealt with.Currently, the web source is equipped with all features necessary for converting visitors to customers and attracting the target audience, starting with appealing, interactive visuals and ending with CTA buttons. We edited the existing text content, and implemented such widgets as a map with the detailed location of the IBX Technologies company. Currently, ibxtechnologies.com is fully upgraded and ready to help business owners by offering them various app solutions.