is another website that has been professionally redesigned by the Semalt team. Since its specialization is cloud computing training and business consulting, we’ve done our utmost to highlight all its educational benefits with a new, contemporary design.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Personalized design for successful branding
Project Description

The main aim of this project was to showcase our client’s services in an understandable way so that potential customers know how to implement them to solve their business challenges. For this purpose, the corporate website was adapted to the needs of visitors and redesigned with new parallax effects and animations. On the website, its visitors can book a video call and sign up for various events offered by the company.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Blue and white are two dominant colors used to create the atmosphere of openness and ensure consistency with the logo of our client. The effects of this color scheme are brought about by the eye-pleasing icons and bright elements on all pages. Besides, we’ve tried to make the content stand out by applying readable fonts.

Design highlights

All website illustrations are based on the feature of 3D parallax, making them slightly follow your mouse pointer and creating a panoramic view once you hover it over them.

Text blocks are brought into focus using special badges in material colors and realistic elements on top of them. The color of the badge drop cap changes when a user hovers over it.

Line-art icons with solid-color gradients are used on the newly designed website. To provide a sharper focus on texts, we apply a blur effect which appears when a user hovers over the other blocks.

Some of the graphic elements are animated to highlight the website theme. One of these elements is a cloud representing a perpetual motion machine.

As a result, has been transformed from the website featuring a non-responsive design to the modern, functional, and easy-to navigate online environment. We’ve made it easy to use so that prospective customers of our client could find out more about cloud computing and learn how to turn it to their own advantage. The website also contains the new content optimised for Google search engine.