is a website developed by Semalt for a distributor of Bode-Pro products in the UK. The client’s goal was to attract more web users who would buy Bode-Pro products through him. For this reason, he hired our experts to build an appealing website to market the products he was offering.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

Pro website for Bode-Pro products
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Project Description

Semalt team has developed with Bode products in mind. We preserved the style and major colors of the brand so that its visitors would instantly recognize it. Along with attractive design, we have also added some functionality feature. We have tailored a request form into the website. Through this form the client can receive orders. Also, our copywriters wrote the content for the website.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Every page of the website is designed in ether a marketed Bode product color scheme or the main corporate colors. We have used light color palettes as they are usually associated with health and wellness industry.

DIN 30640 Std
Leitura News
Design highlights

While designing pages, every product was “labeled” with an icon symbolizing power and special physical abilities. Those are flat framed icons with a semi-transparent filter.

Our designers also drew navigation icons which show the direction in which the content develops. These icons visually show users what to read or explore next. These features greatly improve site navigation.

Call-to-action buttons are created in pastel colors with or without borders. They also contain the symbols of power, energy, or movement.

We have created a banner with a “before & after” effect. It is an engaging element designed to attract site visitors to a popular product.

Our team’s work has resulted in the development of the attractive and engaging website with all the necessary functionality, intuitive and responsive design. The site has all the necessary features to increase traffic and, consequently, bring more prospective customers to our client.