is a website for Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo located in Costa Rica. This is one of our biggest and most time-consuming web development projects, which was designed from scratch as the client wanted a new, improved website with some functionality features.
Project information
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

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Project Description

Pursuing the goal of increasing booking rate and overall popularity of his resort, the client wanted to change his corporate website to a rebuilt and modernized version. As the tourism niche is a highly competitive one, the client wanted to create a site that would have customers interested at first glance. Our team has developed from scratch, created a built-in online booking system, wrote/rewrote the content to fill in the pages, designed landing pages for the most popular tours. Besides, our Video Production department has created a promo-video using the materials provided by the client.

Top Pages
Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We have selected white as a primary background color because it is the most unobtrusive color, which can stylishly highlight other colors. Both professional and relaxing, this color allowed us to use a wide palette for CTA buttons, icons, and banners, creating a rich color scheme without any of its elements conflicting with each other.

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Design highlights

The best offers must always be presented in the most appealing way possible. To advertise the top Adventure Park packages, we have decided to present them in neat blocks with a colorful layout, organized content presenting all the necessary info, and CTA buttons.

The most important details about a tour of Adventure Park are displayed under the tour description in an entertaining and informative way. Our team has designed all the icons and picked a relevant color scheme.

Our experts created an interactive map allowing users to plan their trip or schedule a pickup.

Our team has created an eye-catching layout of each page to create and impressive look and UX-interface. Our content writers filled all pages with unique content, which was then translated into German and Spanish. Currently, has the most advanced and attractive design among its competitors, which has positively affected its traffic growth and the number of bookings.