represents the Boston store selling men’s clothes in Roskilde. Our client, the owner of the store, wanted to redesign his old website. He also emphasized on preserving the recognizable style of the brand.
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Suiting up a website
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Project Description

The client requested to redesign the website for his Boston store. Since the website serves as a virtual window shop of a physical store, it was important to make it as attractive as possible. We were required to stick to the established style of the brand and make the site compatible with mobile devices and equip it with UX-friendly features.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

As our task was to keep the brand recognizable and just upgrade the design, we followed our client’s suggestions and left the key features of As the main purpose of the site was to convince visitors to buy the clothing they saw in the gallery at the physical store, we used calm, neutral color to highlight the images provided by the client in the most beneficial way.

lato bold
noto sans
Design highlights

As the prospective buyers often prefer to browse the latest news through their mobile gadget, we made the design adaptive and compatible with a broad range of devices. The site can be viewed on any screen without losing quality.

We have applied retouch and directed light to images with food items. This makes them look as professional food pictures taken at the pub.

Our team has created an easy to navigate structure and filled it with the visual content provided by the client. Also, we have implemented CTA buttons, inviting prospective customers to learn more about the store or to shop online.

We kept the design of the header laconic to keep the original style of the brand. The lack of bright visual elements is compensated by the gallery of available items demonstrated on the website.

Since 24/7 availability to a broad range of prospective buyers is a vital feature of every business website, we have made sure to incorporate mobile responsive elements into the structure of the redesigned web source. At the final stage of our works, we have launched the website, which is in full compliance with search engine requirements. It runs on a flexible WordPress platform and is perfect for persuading visitors to shop at the Boston store.