Ihaulaustin.com is a website of the company providing garbage and junk removal services. To boost awareness of his business, the client created a website, which would explain the goals and the benefits of the enterprise. However, since the site has not been adjusted to the latest user needs and search engine regulations since 2013, the conversion rate remained low and declining. Our team was hired to fix this.
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  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

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Project Description

We discussed the condition of the Ihaulaustin.com and made the owner aware of the following issues: non-unique content, lack of UX and UI elements, obsolete layout, and poor readability of the descriptions. All these errors were weighing the website purpose down and preventing it from fulfilling its main purpose. The client agreed to the importance of the web development works and entrusted our team with providing solutions for the existing problems.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

We preserved the white, orange and black color scheme of the original website and implemented it into the new layout. White became the background color instead of black as it offered better readability and visual appeal. Our designers developed icons for all categories and info blocks as well as the logo for the company creating a fresher, more modern style for the website.

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Design highlights

Call-to-action buttons are scattered all over the website pages to make users more comfortable with finding what they want.

Our team has created a usable cart page, where users can preview previously added products and calculate shipping costs.

Unique icons with descriptions of what the website offers are shown on its main page.

We have also added an interactive map to enhance navigation and enable users to find current locations of the company with ease

To sum up, the website has become both an attraction for prospective clients and a comprehensive manual explaining the principles of using the services offered by iHaul Austin and the reasons for choosing iHaul Austin over other competitors. With an updated site, the number of daily visitors has considerably increased and the client is currently observing positive changes in the conversion rate. This once again proves what we have always been telling our clients: with the help of a skilled web development team, any business can be delivered originally and creatively regardless of its niche.