234betting.com is an Indonesian gambling platform. On the website, users who want play online, need to set up their accounts, deposit money on it and then play. The old version of the site had a simple design and it was not Google-friendly. Our client requested to make the design of the website more attractive and modern. Also, we were asked to create an optimized content in Indonesian language which would improve website online presence and attract more visitors willing to place bets in online casino and lottery.
Conducted works
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design

234Betting Just Got a Big Boost
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Project Description

Our designer has created a new design and logo for the gambling platform to make it look more modern and create a better user experience. Besides, a new content strategy was applied. Our copywriters wrote an optimized English content which was then translated into Indonesian.

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Color scheme, fonts, and icons

Most popular gaming websites use dark color schemes for their websites to create a mystic and engaging ambience. For this reason, we also have chosen dark and blue grey colors for the background of stips, and white color - for the main background to increase readability of the light grey text.

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Design highlights

The logo is designed in a lotto style. The first 3 numbers visually remind of a lotto game. The other part of the logo has a cursive font style which determines the direction of the composition.

The table with the results in presented in the shape of spot icons aka Las Vegas style. They display the information about recent winners and the flags of the countries they are from.

The betting steps are presented as flat animated line icons.

The website navigation in various categories is ensured with the spot icons that have a hovering content. These icons lead a player to the game he wants to play.

Our team’s efforts resulted in a new, modern look of a gambling platform. It has a convenient menu, optimized content, intuitive and responsive design, which was created with the target audience in mind.